1 B S MALLA MSc Electrical Managing Director / Partner 41
2 K P SHRESTHA MSc Civil, ME Public Health Engg,
PGD Hydrology
Director/Partner 42
3 R P RAJBHANDARI MSc Hydraulic Structure, PGD Public Health
Director/Partner 41
4 B M SHAKYA MSc Civil Engg Sr. Highway Engineer
Associate Director/Partner
5 S R SHRESTHA ME Environmental, BE Civil Engg Environmental/Civil Er.
Associate Director/Partner
6 Y M TAMRAKAR B Tech Civil and Airport Engg Contract Document Spl 41
7 N JHA ME Sanitary Engg Water Supply Er. 39
8 N B SHRESTHA PhD Structural Engg Structural / Water Supply Er 24
9 R K KARN BE Civil Engg Sr. Water Supply Er. 26
10 P SHRESTHA MSc Civil Engg Resident Engineer 19
11 B R MASKEY BE Civil Engg Q/S Engineer 18
12 B M SHRESTHA MS Infrastructure Planning, BE Civil Engg Q/S Engineer 21
13 P M SHRESTHA BE Civil Engg Q/S Engineer 18
14 PRAMOD SHRESTHA BE Civil Engg Q/S Engineer 13
15 C M GHIMIRE MSc Highway Engg Highway Er. 31
16 B M JOSHI MSc Civil Engg Civil Er. 15
17 H R SUBEDI MA Economics Sociologist 13
18 S D SHRESTHA MA Sociology Sociologist 42
19 B B THAPA MEd Curriculum Dev,
MEd Health and Science Education
Sociologist 27
20 R K THAKUR BE Civil Engg Civil / Water Supply Er. 21
21 N RAJBHANDARI BE Civil Engg Civil Er. 6
22 K P SINGH BE Civil Engg Civil Er. 5
23 R SHRESTHA BE Civil Engg Civil Er. 3