Core Technical Staff

1B S MALLAMSc ElectricalManaging Director / Partner41
2K P SHRESTHAMSc Civi/ME Public Health Engg/ PGD HydrologyDirector/Partner42
3R P RAJBHANDARIMSc Hydraulic Structure/ PGD Public Health/ Engg.Director/Partner41
4B M SHAKYAMSc Civil EnggSr. Highway Engineer/ Associate Director/Partner30
5S R SHRESTHAME Environmental/ BE Civil EnggEnvironmental/Civil Er./ Associate Director/Partner23
6Y M TAMRAKARB Tech Civil and Airport EnggContract Document Spl41
7N JHAME Sanitary EnggWater Supply Er.39
8N B SHRESTHAPhD Structural EnggStructural / Water Supply Er24
9R K KARNBE Civil EnggSr. Water Supply Er.26
10P SHRESTHAMSc Civil EnggResident Engineer19
11B R MASKEYBE Civil EnggQ/S Engineer18
12B M SHRESTHAMS Infrastructure Planning/ BE Civil EnggQ/S Engineer21
13P M SHRESTHABE Civil EnggQ/S Engineer18
14PRAMOD SHRESTHABE Civil EnggQ/S Engineer13
15C M GHIMIREMSc Highway EnggHighway Er.31
16B M JOSHIMSc Civil EnggCivil Er.15
17H R SUBEDIMA EconomicsSociologist13
18S D SHRESTHAMA SociologySociologist42
19B B THAPAMEd Curriculum Dev/ MEd Health and Science EducationSociologist27
20R K THAKURBE Civil EnggCivil / Water Supply Er.21
21N RAJBHANDARIBE Civil EnggCivil Er.6
22K P SINGHBE Civil EnggCivil Er.5
23R SHRESTHABE Civil EnggCivil Er.3