Message From Managing Director

Our more than 40 years of presence and success in the Nepalese consulting industry has enabled us to continually expand our skills and capabilities, provide unique approaches to a wide area of sectors and challenges. 

One way to achieve excellence in the services we deliver is to recruit the most suitable experts, as we have been doing since our inception. 

Another way is to stay continually abreast of managerial and technological advances taking place in the industry sectors, share the knowledge with the stakeholders and always strive to define and redefine the industry best practices that is both practical and far reaching in its implications. 

Through continual upgrading of our capabilities, we are able to apply innovations into our services and approach. Our employees are driven by core values such as Focus, Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, Ethics, National Development, and Cooperation.

It is our commitment to excellence, with our Client’s interest kept sacrosanct at all times, that has propelled us to become what we are today in this consulting industry. 

In line with our objective, we have developed profound spirit of cooperation, fraternity and association with clients, stakeholders and contemporary consulting agencies.

Nepal is a developing country with immense potential for quality consulting services. We will, as over the decades through our commitment to professional services through our experts, strive for a greater and wider contribution to the country’s overall development.

With the long professional experience gained in Nepal, our aim is to also widen our portfolio in the international sector. We are open to promote collaborations