Shaping the future

1 1992 Melamchi Water Supply Project
2 1994 Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation Project
3 1992 Kathamndu Valley Urban Development Plan and Programs
4 1994 Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Lumbini Zone
5 1995 Kaligandaki Hydropower Project
6 1999 Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Project
7 1999 Road Maintenance and Development Project
8 - EIA study of 14MW Upper Modi Hydropower Project for GITEC
9 2004 Road Maintenance and Development Project - New Road Development and Upgrading Component
10 2000 Urban Water Supply Reform in Kathmandu Valley Project
11 2005 EIA of Nijgadh and Bardaghat Small Town Water Supply Projects for Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (ADB)
12 2007 EIA study of Upper Mailun Khola Hydropower Project (5MW) Molnia Hydropower P. Ltd.
13 2007 EIA study of Mahakali Irrigation Project Stage III for Department of Irrigationin JV with NESS
14 Ongoing EIA study of Likhu 1 (77MW) Likhu 2 (55MW) and Likhu A (51MW) Hydroelectric Projects for Pan Himlaya Energy (P) Ltd. Global Hydropower Association (P) Ltd.; and Number Himalay Hydropower (P) Ltd.
15 Ongoing EIA study of Lapche Khola Hudropower Project (160MW)